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1846 Galician Massacre, AU

1846 Galician Massacre Medalette (40mm)

This specimen is a very pleasing lightly toned example, almost uncirculated, nice detail and original problem-free surfaces (These are often found very darkly toned and with porosity issues due to environmental exposure.) 

A design of reknowned French sculptor and medallist Pierre-Jean David - better known as David d'Angers.   This piece was made to mark the detestable actions of Austrian leaders (notably Prince Klemens von  Metternich) in the peasant uprisings of the late 1840s in Poland.  Instigated by Austrian officials, in 1846 Polish peasants revolted against the Polish noble class, killing hundreds, destroying manors and burning fields.  Once significant damage had been done, the Austrian army intervened and forcefully put an end to the rebellion - annexing Krakow and slaughtering the same peasants they encouraged to revolt in surrounding areas. The uprising was used by Austria as a means to eliminate movements for independence that were stirring among the Polish upper class (particularly in Krakow, which had operated as a semi-independent city since 1815 as per agreements with Austria and Russia.)

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