What's it worth?

What has it sold for before?   

Holy Mackerel, Lot #18 went for 2 x the high estimate!!!



If you've been collecting long enough to have followed one of more of the major token auctions in Britain, then you've probably had one or more of those thoughts before.  Pinning down a specific value can be tough at times. To assist with bidding, I compiled a huge list of prices-paid for tokens at auction.  Of course prices at auction are not always indicative of a token's true retail value (sometimes tokens sell well above, sometimes they sell for less.) but this list is a great starting point.  It was initially designed to help collectors that were considering buying tokens in the DNW and Baldwin auctions in early October.  However, I have kept it here so that new visitors may also benefit. 

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The Free PR list contains over 1300 individual entries spanning from Norfolk to Yorkshire, organized by county name and DH#, metal and year of sale.

Each entry includes:

  • Price realized (including BP)
  • Token Grades
  • Date of sale, Auction house, and Sale ID
  • Lot numbers (so you can do your own research if you have old catalogs)

Also included are stats on how winning bids have measured up to the pre-auction estimates in the past two Robinson Brown sales, and how prices have increased for select pieces since the Noble sale in 1998.

What about the rest of the list? The entire list inlcudes many, many more entries.  It will be made availlable for purchase in the near future!

For now, enjoy the free price list!

– Mike