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 Hi Michael,
Just a note to let you know that your conder token electronic reference has been wonderful. I do not believe that I came across any questions that your book failed to answer. I find it very easy to use and very, very helpful. I have completed my set of Wilkinson tokens and related issues and I have needed no other reference source. Thanks for a great, easy to use and informative guide!
All the best,  Ed Moore in Texas

 Hi Mike,
Your Conder books is AWESOME.  It has completely replaced my printed Dalton & Hamer.  I tend to be online-oriented anyway, but I find it's much easier to look up tokens in the PDF than in the paper book.  Your consistent indexing makes token lookup a snap, so I can process through auctions and dealer price lists much faster than with the printed D&H.  Plus it's a lot easier to identify unattributed tokens since I can search for phrases in the PDF.
By way of background, I'm an advanced Hard Times Token collector but still a novice Conder token collector, having been collecting Conders for just 2 1/2 years now. 

Best, Alan
As a numismatic researcher, writer, and dealer, I have found that the digital Conder token reference is by far the easiest way to distinguish the many minute differences that make one token common and its brother rare. I keep it stored on my portable USB disk as a ready reference. It's far more convenient that toting around Dalton & Hamer.
—  George Huber

 Hi Michael,
I have found your database invaluable. I have for some years collected watwerways tokens, starting with a list in a small booklet called "canal coins" by Stanley Holland. As I got more and more interested I became aware of more and more tokens not listed, mainly by going through D&H page by page. I now have about 6 major tokens and a large number of variations still to collect, but they are few and far between. I have worked in the British Health Service for more than 40 years so I decided I would start c ollecting tokens depicting hospitals etc. Having an electronic database has made it much easier, just enter "hospital" or "infirmary" or "asylum" and I can assemble my wants list with ease. Best Wishes, Dave Jones

From the standpoint of Conder tokens, I'd describe myself as a "type" collector with an emphasis on pennies and private tokens. I value your electronic D&H (which I keep on my computer's desktop) for several reasons.
The first is the ability to find any county, denomination, etc. easily through the index. The binding on my hardcopy has long since come loose from flipping through the text. It's also nice not to have to lug D&H around when I travel or haul it out just for a quick lookup!
Second is the search function which I can apply to all or a portion of the text to locate any inscriptions, rarity levels or other references. Again, saves a lot of flipping.
Finally, I like the imbedded rarity ratings so I don't have to search the footnotes. 
Nice work! Bob
Since I travel and do research on these tokens, not carrying around the big book is great. Also, having the rarities right at the token makes it my first choice when looking up something.
—  Jon Lusk (Author of the upcoming book British and Irish Tradesmen and their tokens of 1787 to 1804)

So far, I really am pleased with the digital version of the Conder book.  The two features that we use the most are the "click index" and the search function.  These two functions really come in handy when we are veiwing tokens online at various foreign auction houses. (I actually have found a few that were misattributed in sales because I had your book handy).
Another feature we really like is that you have a rarity listed for almost every variety.  We don't have to fumble around looking for the footnotes that are in the paper copies. 
We are glad we bought the digital version.
—  Rod Widok

I Love it and I use it often and recommend it to others as well when opportunity arises.
—  Mark J

Hi Michael, 
I find this online version very helpful when on the road at shows, and most often use it to look up the D&H number and rarity of a particular token. 
Charmy Harker • The Penny Lady